Mie Watanabe

Founder of BEyond Weddings & Events

​Director of Sales

​International Wedding Planner

​19 years of Wedding Planner Experience

Born in Kyoto prefecture and raised there. 
Mie's wedding planning/ coordination career at Japanese wedding company started in Las Vegas, USA in 2001. Since then, she had assisted more than 5,000 couples of various nationalities in Guam (USA), Sapporo (Japan), Kyoto (Japan) and Singapore (Singapore).

In June, 2017, She became freelanced wedding planner and founded BEyond Weddings & Events so that overseas couples can realize their dream weddings in their styles and enjoy their memorable honeymoons as well in Japan without any stress. 

She loves traveling, spending time at cafe, exchanging cultures, listening to music, watching movies and musicals, and of course planning!!!

Yoshimi Matsuta

BEyond Weddings & Events

Director of Marketing Communications


​Brand Produce Consultant

Yoshimi has specialized in marketing communications such as branding, PR, online, loyalty, partnership and sponsorship marketing under multinational circumstances. 


Born in Kyoto, she  joined a Japanese airline after graduating from University.

Later, she entered a Japanese advertising agency in charge of overseas sales for a major consumer electronics company and got involved in various sales promotional programs and corporate programs in Europe, China, Australia and South-east Asia.

Afterwards, she worked as a manager of Japan marketing at a foreign airline company. In addition, she operated the Japan office of a foreign luxury resort for the wealthy market to strengthen sales, PR and marketing.


Continuously in the hospitality field, she had more experience as marketing director for foreign luxury hotels in Tokyo and Kyoto.